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Get battery health report on Windows laptop

You can gen easily two reports about your laptop battery under Windows 10. Simply press [Windows]+[R] and type [cmd].
Once in command line window you can use these two commands that produce two different reports about your battery use, capacity, problems and such.

powercfg /energy

This report is created under C:\user\Your_Username\energy_report.html and has all info on energy efficiency, errors, warnings and additional information.The energy report in Windows 10 can provide an idea of how much it’s capacity is reduced over time and if there are any errors or wrongly configured settings that hurt the battery life.

Next command you want to run is this:

powercfg /batteryreport

This report is also created under same path as previous report and is called battery-report.html. It displays the recent usage stats and graph for the past 3 days, battery usage history of how many hours the system was active per week, and per week battery capacity history to provide an idea of how much it has depleted in comparison to the original capacity. On the basis of observed drains, the report also includes estimated numbers on how long the battery will last.

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