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How to generate monthly Microsoft Patch Tuesday report in PowerShell

As we all know by now, Microsoft is releasing every 2nd Tuesday in month the Security Bulletin  with patches that are required to protect your Microsoft Windows fleet of computers on your network. You can wait till Microsoft publish the bulletin on its Security TechCenter and pull report manually , export to Excel or you can use this handy [easyazon_link identifier=”1449320961″ locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] PowerShell [/easyazon_link] script that creates nice formatted document with all patches, CVEs for your internal use. It is much better format and simple to read and access all available information around those patches.

I used the  PowerShell script created by Microsoft employee John Lambert to assemble the table or report with all CVEs for this month. All the project is hosted on GitHub.

What do I need to do:

Before you can run the script these steps you need to do:

  • Install MSRCSecurityUpdates module
PowerShell> Find-Module msrcsecurityupdates
PowerShell> Install-Module msrcsecurityupdates -force
PowerShell> Import-Module msrcsecurityupdates

Now you are ready to run the script and generate nice html formatted document/report with latest Microsoft Security Bulletin for this month.

Happy patching!

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