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How to get the uptime info in Windows 10

Here is few ways to find out system information and especially when the [easyazon_link identifier=”0735697965″ locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] Windows 10 [/easyazon_link] machine has been booted up and what is the up time for the machine:

Tip # 1 – Using Task Manager

  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and open Task Manager > Performance Tab
  • In lower right corner you can see up time status

Tip # 2 – Using systeminfo utility

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>systeminfo | find "System Boot Time:"
  • This utility provides more info as boot time, up time, when installed the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01BBDSQGE” locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] Windows [/easyazon_link], OS version, CPU, domain … etc

Tip # 3 – use Net Statistic utility

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>net statistics workstation
  • Note that this utility sometimes does not provide very accurate info

Tip # 4 – using WMI command

  • Open Command line and enter this command:
C:\>wmic os get lastbootuptime

Tip # 5 – Of course – use [easyazon_link identifier=”1782173552″ locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] PowerShell [/easyazon_link] 😉

  • Open PowerShell and type in:
PS C:\> (get-date) - (gcim Win32_OperatingSystem).LastBootUpTime
  • Once you execute it , it will provide you detail up time info for your machine

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