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How to install Google Docs, Google Drive and tools on Ubuntu or Fedora

Finally good news for Ubuntu users – now you can install Google Apps on your distro with help of Grive Tools. Here are the simple steps to get all setup on your Ubuntu box:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:thefanclub/grive-tools
sudp apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grive-tools

This is all it takes to get setup on your Ubuntu machine with access to Google Apps.

If you wish to install it on your Fedora distribution you will need to do little more work:

sudo yum install json-c json-c-devel qt-devel boost-devel openssl-devel libxslt libcurl libcurl-devel

Once you have all dependancies installed you will need to go to and search for Grive; look out for the version for your distro and download it.

yum install grive-tools-1.9.noarch.rpm

This will help you to install the Grive tools on Fedora distribution. Now you just need to sign in with your Google Account and finish few more steps to get it setup and ready for use on your machine.

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