Running out of space suddenly on Windows machine

Encountered interesting issue in last days on few different Windows machines running WIndows XP, 7 or Windows 8. SOmething for some reason suddenly starting taking too much space on hard disk and shortly the client computers were on the edge of running out of space. There was nothing extremely strange installed on those computers, they have only the typical Microsoft stuck of software and few freeware tools.

I have downloaded this great free tool => Treesize and let it scan hard drives for large files. What a surprise that I have found very large directories on each machine that were from 45GB to 120GB and exactly at the same location. It looks like Google Earth’s temp files are enormously huge and they were created somehow without user interaction.

The location and name of the directory is:



Once I have deleted the files under this directory and rebooted system all seems to be back in normal. I have also researched this problem and it seems to be known issue with Google Earth and you can find some info on this at official Google Groups forum. Users have the same issues with suden lost of space on their hard drives. This should be hopefully fixed in next release of the Google Earth software and there is small work around for this problem.

Google allows you to disable the new 3D imagery if you’d prefer to view the older 3D models. To do that, go into [Tools] –> [Settings] and uncheck the box for “Use 3D Imagery”.

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