How to setup Galaxy S III with Exchange 2007 on SBS 2008

As it seems very simple process to setup or add your [easyazon-link asin=”0735627193″ locale=”us”]Microsoft Exchange Server[/easyazon-link] account into your Android [easyazon-link asin=”B007VCRRNS” locale=”us”]Samsung Galaxy S III[/easyazon-link]phone, you may run to few problems. If you really follow up all steps on your phone and enter all your info properly as asked you may still experiencing problem to configure the [easyazon-link asin=”0735640610″ locale=”us”]MS Exchange[/easyazon-link] account into Galaxy S III phone.  I had entered all info and was getting error ” UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER“. Checked all over and did few searches.  Apparently some Exchange servers have issues if you setup the user account on phone in format DOMAINUSER_NAME. They will refuse connection. This has been proved to be my problem. Galaxy S III was unable to find and connect to MS Exchange 2007 server running on SBS 2008. Once I have changed this field to “USER_NAME” without DOMAIN .. I was able to connect to [easyazon-link asin=”0470530502″ locale=”us”]Microsoft Exchange Server[/easyazon-link] server and get the account setup and synchronized as usual.

[use ONLY username without DOMAIN = johnd]

  • If all your info is correct the phone will connect to Exchange server and you should get Activation screen
  • Click OK
  • In next screen select more options such as what to sync and how often
  • In last setup screen you will be asked to agree with activation of device administrator

  • Click ACTIVATE and you phone is now fully configured and connected into MS Exchange server on SBS 2008

Quick Update: It looks there are some sync issues between Android phones that run on JellyBean version and Exchange 2010, here are few good forums where the problems and fixes are discussed:

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