How to create an icon/shortcut on your BlackBerry home screen for contact

This is a great way to have fast and easy access to your most dialed or contacted contacts from your BlackBerry. In my case I am usually call 2-5 same people everyday so it is great to have a shortcut on the screen instead of going trough Contacts, scroll down and dial.

  1. Go to your Contacts
  2. Scroll and locate the contact you want to use for the shortcut
  3. Once the contact is highlighted, press the BB button 
  4. From option now select Add to Home Screen
  5. Leave all by default unless you want to have a special folder with these contacts
  6. Click Add
  7. Now scroll down on your Home screen and you should have there now new icon for the contact
In future just click the icon and select what you want to do – call any number or send message and you are on top of the game. This is great and if you added a picture to contact .. you have a personalized icon for the person and easy accessible.

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