How to install Microsoft Great Plains 10 SP5 on MS Windows 7 x64

Here are simple steps how to install Microsoft Great Plains 10 Sp5 on Microsoft Windows 7 Pro x64 edition. Actually it is easier that Windows XP and way faster.

You will need configure the ODBC on Microsoft Windows 7 PRO x64 machine, this is little tricky as there is no ODBC icon under Administrator tools. Besides this is 64bot machine so there are some differences.

 Where is the ODBC in Windows 7 ?

  • Browse to C:WindowsSysWOW64  and locate the ODBCad32 application

  • Right click on ODBC32 and select “Create a shortcut …”, you will get message that you cannot create a shortcut at this location but it will create a shortcut on your Desktop
  • Click YES and now you have a shortcut on your Desktop
  • Right Click on the ODBCad32 shortcut and select “Run as Administrator
  • Click on System DNS and on right site click Add
  • Scroll down and select SQL Server and click Finish

Once your ODBC connection is set, you can proceed with the same installation steps as on Windows XP. Click on the setup.exe and follow up simple steps to complete the Great Plains installation. Once installed right click on the GP and run as administrator first time to get all in sync. Once completed… you should be good to go.

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