Deploying Windows 7 with WDS and getting error Operation failed with 0x80070002

I have setup my new Windows Deployment Service server on MS Windows Server 2008 and configured and prepared for service on my network. As the boot image I have used boot.wim from Windows Server 2008 medium and added install images from MS Windows 7  DVD. All went fine till the installation of Windows 7 on the destination computers suddenly halted with the error message:

Well, checked all parameters and settings on my Windows Deployment server and all seemed to be OK. Retried to run the install and it stops exactly at the same point. I have researched on the issue and apparently this is caused by not correct boot image. I was using boot.wim from Server 2008 DVD  instead of  Windows 7 DVD ..Who knew this is a big issue 🙂  So I have added and build new boot and capture image from the Windows 7 DVD and tested out the deployment.

Once I have added a new boot.wim from Windows 7 DVD and booted to this new image the deployment and installation completed without problem.



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