How to transfer emails, contacts from Mozilla Thunderbird client to MS Outlook 2010

How do you really export all your emails, contacts from Thunderbird email client to Microsoft Outlook email client? I know this task is not that easy. I spent some time to research and the steps that were proposed did not make too much sense. I did not want to download a bunch of different tools to accomplish this simple task.

Here is how I did it J

  1. You need to download this fantastic tool = MailStore Home – download from here
  2. Install it on your computer where the Thunderbird and Outlook are installed
  3. Once installed, run the MailStore Home tool and select ARCHIVE MAIL
  4. Now from the menu select Mozilla Thunderbird

  1. Follow up the wizard and select your Thunderbird Email profile you want to Export
  2. Wait till the Process of Export is Finished

Once your export completed, you will notice that the profile is created where you can see all your emails and folders in same structure as you have in your Thunderbird email client.

Click on the “PLUS” next to the created profile and you can now browse and search your emails. This is great as you right now created a searchable archive of your emails and you have many options what to do with it. You can EXPORT the archive to DVD and save it in safe location for archive purposes as well as you can now export/import the emails to different email clients.

  1. Right click on the Profile
  2. Click EXPORT To
  3. Select Microsoft Outlook as this is the destination where I want to import my email
  4. New import wizard pops up and just follow up the simple steps and let it finish

Once the Export/import completed … you will have your all emails, folder structure imported into Microsoft Outlook client. It will be under one Folder MailStoreArchive from where you can easily move them and sort out as you wish. This part will complete the export of emails from Thunderbird to Microsoft email client.

Export contacts items:

Contacts part is different as Thunderbird is limited to 3 formats and only 2 of them are supported by Microsoft Outlook. Here are steps how I did it in my case:

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird email client
  2. Go to Tools > Address Book from the Thunderbird’s main window
  3. After having selected the address book, Go to Tools > Export

  1. The Export Address Book dialog will open, and let you pick a file name, location and the file format for your exported format
  2. Select the Comma Separated (*.csv) and click SAVE
  3. It will export your Contacts to single csv file
  4. Now open your Microsoft Outlook email client ( I have MS Outlook 2010 but it works with previous versions too)
  5. Click FILE, click OPEN and Select Import


  6. In the Import Wizard window select Import from another program or file and click NEXT
  7. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and click NEXT
  8. Now Navigate to your desktop location where you have saved the CSV file with contacts
  9. Select Do Not Import Duplicates and click NEXT
  10. Select the destination, click on Contacts and NEXT
  11. In next windows just keep all defaults and click NEXT till you finish the import
  12. Once completed check your Microsoft Outlook Contacts, you should now have all contacts imported into your Outlook
  13. Now you can Uninstall Mozilla Thunderbird email client from your machine and happy using MS Outlook for your emails J

This is it; the export from Mozilla Thunderbird email client to Microsoft Outlook 2010 is now completed. Leave  a comment if you like it or if you have issue with the steps 🙂

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