QuickBooks has reached expiration date and will no longer open company files

I just got in middle of this problem few days ago. I have installed QuickBooks 2010 PRO that we purchased and paid online. All good so far as well as the installation went just fine.  How god go something bad if I just reinstalled Windows on new machine and installing a new and clean version of QuickBooks 2010 Pro.

I have opened the QuickBooks and try open my company files – all good and I was able to open the file and work with it. Once I was satisfied that all is good I have clicked on registration and registered my product and got my confirmation. Also I have clicked on Manage License and synced my license – BIG MISTAKE !

Once this completed … I am no longer able to open my company files and every time I try to open QuickBooks and click on Open Existing Company file I will get this error message:

Quickbooks has reached expiration date and will no longer open company files

Great !!!  — so I tried to replicate this … rebuilt my machine again (easy to do from image) and installed the QuickBooks 2010 Pro again. All went fine till I synced my licenses – from this point same error message shows up and I am unable to access or open my company files. Tried to call support – no big help there as ONLY solution they proposed was to delete and recreate EntitlementDataStore.ecml file. “Blindly” they agreed this issue has connection to their licensing server .. . as everything works till you sync the license with their licensing server to obtain your license entitlement.

QuickBooks KB ID# HOW12406

One would say, it will be fixed – worked till you synced the license – what a shame !

For the time of being I am using this batch fie to delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and launch QuickBooks so I can access the company file and do my work … This is not – official solution but it works till the QuickBooks Support team can get their brains together and fix the problem !

Batch file – temporary solution:

  • Open notepad on your computer
  • Type in this text

del “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIntuitEntitlement Clientv5EntitlementDataStore.ecml”

“C:Program FilesIntuitQuickBooks 2010QBW32Pro.exe”

  • Or copy the lines from here to the notepad
  • Save the file as QB.bat on your desktop
  • Now instead to clicking on QuickBooks icon to open the software, click on the QB.bat
  • This will take care of the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file and let you open your company files and continue to use the QuickBooks for the time of being

I know, not very elegant solution especially if this is not your issue, you paid for the license and software and you have to deal with this trouble. But for the time of being to be tired of dealing with support line that cannot help – is a good way to start your day.

UPDATE: QuickBooks provided a new download link and license … once downloaded and installed the new software — all is good even if you sync your license


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