How to enable Labs in Google Apps

I have just noticed that my new Google Apps for Business account does not have the LABS tab in the dashboard once you click on the Settings. Well, this feature is nice to have and be enabled as you can enable and use new features as they are released by Google. Some of them are really great to have and they streamline use and management of the emails.

How to check if Labs feature is enabled:

  • Log on to your Google Apps for Business account
  • In the right upper corner click on Settings
  • Now you should see a dashboard with all available settings for your account




  • If the Labs feature is not enabled, it is not visible on this dashboard
  • You will need to ask your Administrator to enable this feature on the domain for all users

How to enable the Labs feature on domain for all users:

  • Log on to your Google Apps for Business Administrator console
  • From the dashboard toolbar menu click on Service Settings
  • From drop down menu click on Email

  • Now you have two tabs there General and Email Addresses
  • Click on General and scroll down

  • Make sure you check out a box next to Enable Gmail Labs for my users
  • Click Save Changes
  • Log off from the Google Apps for Business Administrator console
  • Wait 10 – 15 minutes and log on back to your Account and click on Settings
  • You should now see the Labs tab on the dashboard
  • Now you can click the Labs and enable some features for your account

More info from Google Apps support page

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