Live Meeting cannot connect – troubleshooting

I cannot stress enough how frustrating is when something fails and you do not know why …. If you have installed the Microsoft Live Meeting client you may noticed that there is no extra tool to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong. I have experience in last few weeks few issues as I was not able to connect to the meeting for no specific reason and I was not sure what is wrong as the party who invited me, they were able to connect. Well, they were internal users and I am external user out of their network.


Here comes the frustration point … you get this error message after 1-2 minutes of trying to connect and nothing specific on the problem why you could not …

As you see in the screen shot. It gives you no specific reason or error so you can somehow figure out what is wrong. Well, I have few good tricks how to get to the bottom of this trouble, you will need to go to your registry on computer and change value of one keys so this Microsoft Live meeting connection will create a log file. Once you have the log file, it is easy to review the steps and failures.

  • Go to START
  • Type and type on the search field regedit
  • Registry explorer will open on your screen
  • Navigate to this key: HKEY_Current_UserSoftwareMicrosoftTracinguccpLiveMeeting
  • Now you will need to change the Reg_ Dword value from 0 to 1

Now change the value
from 0 to 1

Click OK to save the changes

Once you have doneit, try to connect to the meeting and if it fails , now you have a place to go to check what the problem is. Once the Live Meeting failed to connect go to START, and type in the search box this: %userprofile%Tracing and click ENTER. You will notice that you have now a log file named LiveMeeting-uccp-0.uccplog. You can open the log file by your choice apps .. I have used Scite. Once I checked the file … I got now good point to start troubleshooting 😉 – it seems there is incorrect configuration on the server and DNS resolution L

Here is the Log file output …

Really, if there is no DNS resolution and I can resolve it from my external IP … Hardly I will be able to connect to it J . .You cannot see it, you cannot connect to it …

Some Microsoft KB on the topic:

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