Nortel Norstar PBX — How to reset Admin password to VMAIL

Here is another interesting issue from today. I have fair knowledge of PBX systems and their functions and how to program certain features and changes. I used to work with few PBX system during my career such as Avaya, Aspect, Cisco, Inter-tel, Mitel and now I am in the game to play with Nortel Norstar older PBX system. Unfortunately I have no documentation available from previous IT Admins so I have to discover and explore on my own. I have made some changes on the network and suddenly we need to change few Voice Mail boxes as the employees left company. Now is the moment of truth — I cannot log on to the system – I am following all the steps and still getting error “Password invalid“. Nortel systems are little different, the software for client is very obsolete and cannot be installed on Windows XP SP3 — simply the setup.exe does not launch even in compatibility mode. Only one option left, do it in hard way the real admin way – command line from the admin phone.

All depends how many digits you are using for your internal extensions. Another important note — this must be done from these phone models M7310,T7316 or M7324, other phones do not work.

To log into System Administration:

  1. Enter Feature 983
  2. The display will show “LOG“, now you suppose to enter the password
  • If you are using 2 digit extension enter “120000
  • If you are using 3 digit extension enter “1020000
  • if you are using 4 digit extension enter “10020000

If the password is correct your should be able now to press the soft key under “OK“, if the password is not correct you will see PASSWORD INVALID and exit.

So here are steps to recover the password or better say RESET:

  1. Enter Feature code 985
  2. On display will show your PBX Voice mail extension — in my case it was 4000
  3. Now press 9
  4. You are asked to enter password, enter this code 73738767793
  5. Display will show options RESET PASSWORD? YES NO
  6. Press soft key under “YES
  7. Display will show Password Reset
  8. Press Release button
  9. You are now set and now you should be able to use the codes above with Feature code983 depends on your extension to access the System Administration menu.

How to reset password on Voice mail for user?

  1. Enter Feature 983
  2. The display will show “LOG“, now you suppose to enter the password
  3. Enter “10020000
  4. Display will show options MBOX AA OTHR
  5. Press soft key under MBOX
  6. New menu will show on display ADD DEL CHNG
  7. Press soft key under CHNG
  8. Enter the extension number you wish to reset Vmail password
  9. Once you entered the extension number display will show two options RESET and NEXT
  10. Press soft key under RESET and display will show message PASSWORD RESET
  11. Press release button on the phone and user’s Vmail password is now reset to default 0000
  12. Done

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