iPod drivers not installed once you installed new iTunes …

I have just downloaded a new iTunes version, installed and what a surprise ? I cannot connect my iPod Touch anymore. Once connected, I am getting and error message on my Windows 7 that the device drivers could not be installed and the installation failed. I tried few times disconnect/connect the iPod as well as reboot my computer. Every time the device drivers for iPod Touch failed to install.

I am running Windows 7 Pro 64bit version and so far I never had issues with connecting my iPod. This being said here are steps how you can resolve this issues for yourself

  1. Download again the iTunes installation package
  2. Right click on the downloaded file and use 7zip utility or WinRAR to extract all files from the package
  3. Once you have extracted the files you will see 8 files
  4. Install ONLY these 2 files to resolve the driver issues: AppleApplicationSupport.msi & ApplemobileDeviceSupport64.msi

Once you have installed these 2 files, try to connect your iPod into computer. The drivers should be now installed successfully and your iPod should again connected.

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