Import/Export currrent IP Settings w/Netsh

Another good command line. Sometimes your laptop when you travel may give you a trouble. I prefer to have a static IP while in the office as it makes much easier to manage my computers. Besides it is documented in my network documentation which computer has what IP. It is easy to manage.

So when you travel and before you leave the office use the great Microsoft built in tool – Netsh.exe

Export you IP setting on laptop: netsh -c interface dump > c:MyWorkIP.log

Once done you just released the static IP and set dynamic with Netsh again of course 🙂

Netsh interface ip set address “Local Area Connection” dhcp

This will release the static IP and make your network card accept IP address dynamicly from local DHCP server

When you are back in the office and want to have same IP you just run the Netsh command again with this syntax:

netsh -f c:MyWorkIP.log

This will preload back your old settings as you had before on your laptop. You are set. You can easily make a batch file to make this more efficient instead of typing the commands.

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