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Quick install LAMP on Fedora Linux 20

Here is one liner to quickly install LAMP environment on Fedora Linux 20. Instead of type in long command you can use this short command:

su -lc 'yum install @web-server'

This will run and install all the required packages on your Fedora machine. Next step is install MySQL, PHPand start services:

sudo yum install mysql mysql-server php-mysql php5 php-mysqlnd php-opcache
service httpd start
service mysqld start

Now you can configure your MySQL server with root password by issuing this command:

  • Hit ‘Enter’ when it first asks you for a password.
  • Hit enter when asked to Set a Password.
  • Enter and Re-Enter password for root user.
  • For security reasons, you’ll be asked to Remove anonymous user, Disallow root login and to remove test tables. Press Y and hit Enter key for every question hence asked.

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