Microsoft Windows 8 – 13 useful keyboard shortcuts

In case you are interested here is a list of 13 keyboard shortcuts that you can use while using new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. In meantime I can say that  installation of Windows 8 on my old laptop was really easy and I can feel that the operating system is way faster than Windows 7.

1. Windows Key + Tab = Opens the App list to the left, tapping tab again lets you switch through the list.

2. Windows Key + C = Opens the “Charms” menu to the right, where shortcuts like Search and Settings are.

3. Windows Key + I = Opens Settings.

4. Windows Key + T = Cycle through screenshots of open apps.

5. Windows Key = Takes you to the Metro Start menu.

6. Windows Key + Space bar = Switches the input language.

7. Windows Key + , = Show desktop temporarily.

8. Windows Key + Shift + . = Docks current app to left, right, or center of screen.

9. Windows Key + M = Takes you back to Desktop.

10. Windows Key + Q = Opens up Search in Metro.

11. Windows Key + Enter = Opens Narrator, a program that reads text for you and shows you tips.

12. Windows Key + Page Up = Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the left.

13. Windows Key + Page Down = Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the right.

More how-to will follow as I am in process of setting up the Windows and playing around 🙂


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