How to check your computer and application before you upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 has been released and now is available to public for purchase. If you would like to check or upgrade your current operating system to Windows 8 and find out if your computer and application will run under new Windows 8, download and run Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. Running Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant helps you know if your PC is ready forMicrosoft Windows 8, provides you with a compatibility report, and then walks you through the steps to purchase, download, and install Windows 8, right from the Upgrade Assistant.

Once the Upgrade Assistant finished the scan you will be presented with the full report on compatibility and issues. You can print or save the report for latter review. If all is good, it will take you to Microsoft online store where you can select your options and purchase upgrade for your computer.

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Once you paid and purchased your Windows 8 Pro, it will download the image on your computer and you have two options:

  1. Create boot USB drive
  2. Create ISO image and burn your own DVD disk

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