gedit will not start when try to run it from terminal window

I have installed latest distro Fedora 17 Linux on my Lenovo ThinkPad T61 latop. All went smooth and all works even the UPCK sensor so I do not need to type every time my password and I just swipe my finger 🙂 I have installed the latest updates on the machine and I tried to launch gedit editor from terminal and I am getting this error message:

After some time spent with search online with Linux community I have found this trick that helps and works. If you got the same error while trying to run gedit from terminal use this command ” su – ” and all works. It will fix it and even you restart the machine and run the gedit next time from terminal it will now work as usual the normal way 🙂

 su -

And the editor will open as expected 🙂


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