How and where to buy your first Bitcoin with credit card

I am sure you are watching the craziness out there with crypto currencies and all about the [easyazon_link identifier=”006236250X” locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] Bitcoin [/easyazon_link] price going up and now again going down. We are living crazy times where it seems the dream is coming true and cryptocurrency becomes important part of our lives. It does not matter if you like or prefer [easyazon_link identifier=”1973884852″ locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] Bitcoin [/easyazon_link], Litecoin or Ethereum, there is many more interesting crypto coins that can fit your needs and you still can make nice profit.

Since I am based in Canada we have few limited options where to buy our crypto or first [easyazon_link identifier=”1491954388″ locale=”US” tag=”wn0d5-20″] Bitcoin [/easyazon_link]. Majority of the exchanges operate in USD which is not very good for us since CAD is lower than USD. However you can buy your first Bitcoin with your credit card on these two websites in few simple steps. I have used both of them to get some BTC in order to trade them for different crypto coins.

  1. MyBTC – this is site where you can pay for BTC in CAD and you have 3 options how you going to pay for your purchase. I have used the Interact option so I have instantly paid for my BTC and get the coins as well almost instantly into my BTC wallet. It has only limitation how much you can spend per day.
  2. CoinMama – this site is very easy to use and it really takes 5 simple steps to purchase your BTC with your credit card. Simple select how much you want to spend and click buy, it will show you how many BTC you will receive and you are almost done once completed transaction. It is my preferred site for purchase of ETH or BTC when I need quickly some coins for my other purchases.

Coinmama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Have fun and do not forget : DO NOT SPEND MONEY, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE !

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