How to uninstall MS Office 2010 when the product installation has been corrupted

I am trying to uninstall MS Office 2010 from MS Windows 7 system. As usual you go to START > CONTROL PANEL > PROGRAMS AND FEATURES, scrolling down, locate the Microsoft Office 2010 software and click UNINSTALL. Well, sudenly error message shows up on the screen:

MS Office 2010 error

Simple, but I do not have theĀ installationĀ media as the Microsoft Office 2010 came installed part of OEM setup on my laptop. Well, there is always way around šŸ™‚

Completely removed the MS Office from your system when the installtion is corrupted and cannot be removed manually from the Programs and Features, follow up this steps from Microsoft KB971179. Download the Microsoft Fixit tool and run it, it will open screen and run the uninstall process for you.Once completed the Microsoft Office 2010 corruptedĀ installationĀ will beĀ completelyĀ removed from your system.

Removal of MS Office 2010
Removal of MS Office 2010

The process takes almost 10 minutes but it is a big job as during this process the tool not only uninstallĀ theĀ corruptedĀ installationĀ but also check and fix registry keys.


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