Are your Google Docs secured ?

Well, probably not .. I am also user of Google Apps for Business and it is hard to secure and keep all documents in cloud private as it is. There is one issue with the Docs: Even as an admin, you can’t see all files that are shared within and outside of your company. And you definitely can’t change sharing permissions on a doc as far as default option available to you the Admin of the Apps. However there is a good news. There is a FREE option for you if you have less then 20 users — it is called CloudLock for Google Apps. It is made available by company Aprigo. This tool is fantastic in the feature is offering to you the Google Apps Admin to secure all you docs and make sure that the access is under control and in compliance.

Aprigo CloudLock for Google Apps gives you greater control over your Google Docs solution. Secure and audit Google Docs and find information that is exposed outside and inside of your company

Audit the security level of your documents
Secure your Google Docs, fix access rights
Identify documents that are shared externally

This tool or add on is also very well priced — up to 20 users is completely FREE if you have more than 20 users the license fees are $4/user/year. It is very powerful tool and also will produce for you intuitive reports and statistics – including document classification and usage patterns – it will enable you to accurately track adoption rates and understand how users are leveraging the Google Docs platform.

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