How to Send an Email with ANY From: Address in Outlook 2007

Sometimes you may need to setup multiple email accounts in your MS Outlook 2007. Each of  these accounts has own email address associated with them. This is sometimes required in situations if you have email accounts such us orders, sales, customer support and you want to separate these emails for better management of emails. Many people usually do not know or they do not know how to use this feature in the Outlook that allows you to change the FROM in the message so the recipient see the correct email address and will reply to correct one instead to reply to your personal email.

If you read this blog, there is already post How to add another user mailbox into Outlook. You can easily follow up the steps and add additional user mailboxes/email to your Outlook if you are using MS Exchange server.If you have MS Exchange server, your admin will need first enable SEND AS permission on the email addresses you try to use. Anyway you won’t be able to send emails FROM as different user or from different email.

If you do not have mail server and you are using simple POP/SMTP given to you by your service provider, you can send email as somebody else or from different email address just by following the steps bellow.

How to send email and change the From:

  • Create a new Email Message
  • Now in the message go to Options tab
  • Click Show From to make sure it is enabled
  • FROM will appear in your new Email message
  • Type the desired email address in the From field
  • Click SEND and you email is sent from the email address you typed in

Add FROM in Outlook 2007

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